These days students find visits to museums boring, tiring and uninteresting. They visit museums because the school made it mandatory to participate in the educational excursion else they will be marked absent. Moreover, every information is now available on the internet. Visit to the museums have to be made child friendly. It should provide memorable and an immersive learning experience which will spark their imagination. Museums are a storehouse of collections from varied cultures, customs, heritage, era etc. The need is to incorporate into our curriculum in a way that it becomes enjoyable and meaningful to children. 

Children should look forward to visits to museums. Even if the exhibits are of no interest to them, they should be allowed to explore and play in their plush gardens. Their curiosity and boredom will make them explorative. Any information they gather will be embedded in their memory in a positive way. 

Expose children to local flavor. Consider taking them to small easily accessible local museums. These museums will highlight local history, folklore, art and craft etc to which children can identify and are perhaps familiar with. 

Museum trips can help children understand the subject by experience rather than memorizing facts. If we include some fun activities in their visit like creative role plays and make believe imitations or they can colour the postcards etc they will look forward to visiting a museum. Such experiential learnings complement formal education. So it is important that your school administration software includes visits to museums in the curriculum. 

Source: edTech Review