The UAE schools will be guiding students towards being digitally responsible with special focus on social media. The teachers are using virtual reality (VR) with the students to take them through the historical events and famous landmarks and some schools are using AI-powered teacher assistants.

Students of some schools are already using digital notebooks to store their work. Teachers mark their work live and give instant feedback. Tools like immersive reader helps personalize learning experience for students with different learning needs.

AR and VR will continue to rule the classrooms this year. Apps for younger students will become more diverse and increasingly available. IoT will personalize learning experience including flipped classrooms, immediate feedback with real-time applications and online collaboration between students and teachers.

Although Students these days are generally digital natives, still they shall be fully supported in their need to use game-based learning apps etc to understand and use its features to the utmost.

Smart Technologies Students Use Today.

Clever Touch Board– An interactive touchscreen flat panel display where teachers can show slides, videos etc. You can also write on them too with a swipe of your finger.

Augmented/Virtual Reality– This audio-video learning technology makes concepts more tangible and easier to grasp.

Artificial Intelligence– It recognizes the learning pattern of each students to intensify classroom experience. Keeping in mind the future trend this technology will also be incorporated in curriculum as a course or as a subject.