Sound attendance management is essential to the success of any academic institution. Many kinds of research reveal that poor attendance is affecting the quality of education and also results in the improper tracking of employees. Schools are not able to meet the expectations of parents because of the disorganized manual attendance management system. In both classroom and workplaces, attendance may be mandatory. With machine-driven class attendance system, teachers can responsively track student’s time in the classroom. Attendance control has conventionally been approached using time clocks, time sheets, and time tracking software, but attendance management goes beyond this to provide a working environment which maximizes and motivates employee attendance. Student Attendance Management System is of great importance when verbalized in terms of productivity of an institution.

Automated attendance system saves time and resources as all the hefty manual tasks are now systematically managed. The sole purpose of Attendance Management System should not be tracking employees only but effective use of online attendance system helps the human resource management to supervise payroll system. Online attendance management system is vital for precise calculation of salary. Online attendance and payroll have simplified the lengthy and complex calculations involved in computing overtime and variable pay components which otherwise were very time-consuming and in most of the cases, the chances of discrepancy were high. Poor attendance by a student in a class may affect their grades or other evaluations. Poor attendance may also reflect problems in a student’s personal situation, and is an indicator that “students are not developing the knowledge and skills needed for later success” for students in elementary school and high school.

Why should you go for Attendance Management System?

Go paperless and save your time with cloud based automated system with fewer chances of redundant attendance entries.  Now manage both student’s and group’s attendance easily with Skolaro attendance management software and quickly track the attendance of your class, group or for any of the events on your institute with Skolaro perfect student attendance management system. Use automated control of attendance with good cloud-based Bio metric & RFID Attendance Software for Schools which ensures timely and accurate attendance data to help schools & higher education and many more. RFID tracking system provides a secure, robust, and an automatic tracking system for both students and teachers/staff.


Attendance visibility of employees and students are tracked across multiple channels with real-time position tracking of leave requests and automated calculation of leaves accrued. Attendance of student, staff, and teachers are recorded using bio metric and RFID student attendance management software. One of the fundamental thing where attendance system comes to rescue is that you can keep the parents informed about the student’s performance via Email & SMS alerts so that parents are aware whether their children is attending school on regular basis or not. It ensures safety of one’s child as school authority will be able to track and monitor attendance and notify parents of uninformed absence from school. Similar constant updates from school authorities help parents to be at peace knowing their children are in the safe zone.