EdTech if used as a tool to achieve specific instructional objective has the potential to transform education. It should complement good pedagogy and not attempt to replace it.

There are three characteristics of good pedagogy:

Good Pedagogy Is Designed Backwards:

Understanding by Design (UbD) model is designed by keeping the end result in mind first and then assessments and activities are designed accordingly. To achieve certain learning goals, instructional tasks are kept in focus rather than what is fun or engaging or traditional or easy.

Good Pedagogy Is Collaborative:

Collaborative or cooperative learning helps students hone their communication and leadership skills while exposing them new ideas and points of view.

Good Pedagogy Is Focused on Mastery:

Students continue to study a concept until they are comfortable with it. This leads to them genuinely understand the learning material and not merely learning it by rote.

So, What about EdTech?

EdTech assists these three essential elements of good pedagogy as long as it is responsibly incorporated by edtech designers and users.

Source: https://www.thetechedvocate.org/edtech-should-complement-good-pedagogy-not-attempt-to-replace-it/