Think of a library and a very stereotype image conjures up in our minds. A big hall with rows of books stacked in shelves and pin drop silence. Sitting amidst all this is an unfriendly, socially awkward librarian with salt and pepper hair tied in a bun wearing some obsolete glasses!!

In today’s scenario, a librarian is not someone you can ignore and in fact in some public schools they are often addressed as Media Specialists. They hold a graduate’s degree in library media and know how to use and integrate the digital world into the classroom curriculum. Since they are involved in every area of the school, they have an inclination what product, be it chromebooks, going BYOD or which educational software  will be suitable for their school. Thus a librarian of a school is one person which the edtech companies must never ignore because they are ones who tell all their colleagues about their new finds like apps, website, programs or hardware.