Dubai British School has cautioned the parents about a cyber attack on its network last week. Fortunately the incident came to light and was dealt with within hours of the failed attack. The hackers gained a very limited access and the school’s system resisted further attempts. The attack, however, did not result in any data breaches. The attackers used ‘password spraying’ a technique that exploits weak passwords.

The school IT team has identified and re-set all the compromised accounts and blocked ambiguous URL links and the attackers IPs from the systems. The school has warned parents to delete any suspicious message and not to click on any links. They should also inform the school if they found anything amiss. The modus operandi is to make the recipient believe that the email is from a reliable source so as to get them to click on the link or download an attachment provided in the email to obtain sensitive information like usernames, passwords and credit card details.

Telltale Signs of a Phishing Attack:

The email is not directly addressed to the recipient
It is usually poorly written with grammatical errors
They urge recipients to verify the email by using the link provided
It carries suspicious attachments
Contains links to official looking sites asking you to enter sensitive data