We are all aware that Coronavirus has been declared as a Global health emergency. Although MoHaP (The UAE Ministry of Health and Prevention) has declared educational institutions safe spaces but advises caution.


The Ministry in association with the health ministries of Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah has issued certain guidelines for schools and universities to guard themselves against this virus. 


  • Use of masks by students or faculty is not recommended under normal circumstances as the educational institutions are considered to be safe.
  • Any student or staff member who has visited China or has had any relative visiting them from China in the last 14 days will be excused from school for a period of 14 days from the date of arrival regardless of presence of any symptoms.
  • Close contact with those showing flu-like symptoms to be avoided
  • Parents, children and staff having flu-like symptoms to not attend school and stay at home


Limit Transmission-


  • Frequently wash hands for at least 20 seconds with soap and water
  • Always carry a hand sanitizer
  • Cover mouth with your inner elbow while coughing or sneezing or do so into a tissue


In case someone shows flu-like symptoms in the institute, one must be immediately referred to the nurse for further evaluation who must then adhere to following-


  • Wear N95 mask
  • Surgical mask to be provided to the suspected case till the necessary medical action is taken
  • Coordinate with the operations centre at the Department of Health Abu Dhabi (DOH) to determine the specified receiving hospital for the suspected case.
  • Report the suspected case of 2019-nCoV through the Electronic reporting system for reporting infectious diseases.
  • Follow all the directions as mentioned in the ADPHC-DG/ 2/2020 Circular.


Source: Khaleej Times