According to an HRD official, per the recommendations of the draft NEP ( National Education Policy) committee the Ministry of Human Resource Development would be modernising the evaluation process. From 2021 there shall be no school examinations. The new evaluation process will lay emphasis on class based assessments and follow the ‘5-3-3-4’ structure. This structure means five years of foundation stage (3 years of pre-primary and classes 1 and 2, three years of preparatory stage i.e. classes 3, 4 and 5, three years of middle classes (class 6,7,8) and four years of secondary stage (classes 9,10, 11 and 12). 

All efforts are being made to finalise the National Education Policy by October 2020 and its implementation by 2021. Boards will soon be notified for their inputs on the new exam structure. After the feedback from boards and education experts, the ministry will consider junking 10 + 2 format and introduce the proposed evaluation process from 2021. 

Source: The Indian Express