CBSE is introducing major student-friendly changes to make teaching and learning process smooth. Their evaluation process has also gone for an overhaul to make it error-free and improve quality namely-

  • CBSE has reduced the number of answer sheets from 25 to 20 to be evaluated per day in the main subjects to ease the workload of copy coordination. 
  • The process has already been experimented at the time of evaluating the answer sheets of class 10 and 12 supplementary examinations. 
  • The process will now be implemented in the evaluation of regular class 10 and 12 answer sheets from this academic year. 
  • The schools have been urged to make their subject expert teachers available for evaluating
  • The board has increased the number of head examiner by 40% during the evaluation time this year. 
  • Workshops and training sessions have been conducted with the centre superintendents and evaluators pan India to provide an error-free marking and minimising subjectivity.