January 1 to February 7 next year are the dates announced by CBSE for practical exams. The exam will be held in the respective schools. The theory exam for skill subjects will start from February 15th while the main papers for class 10 and 12 will be held in March and April. 

The schools will be required to carefully upload the marks on the link provided by the board as soon as the assessment is over of the practical exam. No correction of marks will be permissible once uploaded. 

Practical exams will be held as per the past practice. They will be held in the respective schools and conducted an external examiner appointed by the board. The observer, again appointed by CBSE, shall supervise the practical examination and project assessment. A clear group photograph consisting of all the candidates pertaining to the batch alongwith the internal and external examiner and the observer in the lab during the practical examination will have to be uploaded on an App link provided. The photograph uploaded will be geotagged and time tagged. 


Source: NDTV