Often Librarians and media specialists are not given their due credit in a student’s journey although libraries have inspired many innovations. When the schools went online, library staff too took pains to ensure continued student engagement and give access to the vast world of books. They shared digital resources with teachers and students. Librarians across the world also made efforts to educate everyone in technology solutions. 

During these trying times librarians have also taken up the role of being a tech support to parents and students. They have been working hard to compile and provide digital resources for students, parents and educators. As soon as the schools closed, librarians started to focus on accessing resources, collaborating tech support and building a virtual library along with finding ways to continue to provide books. Librarians worked in tandem with teachers to provide information to students for their projects etc. 

As the schools are reopening and introducing hybrid learning, librarians will also face new challenges in updating the school library software.  However, they will continue to provide information support. Technology will become an important part of instruction in classrooms and librarians will continue to help everyone access the resources they require. 

Source: EdTech