Here’s how schools can make learning student-centric with the help of EdTech

With the advent of the internet revolution in India about two decades ago, technology has infiltrated every sphere of our lives. Schools too are adopting strategic learning tools and inching towards becoming a student-centric model. 

EdTech for the creation of a personalized learning space

Setting up of screen time and gadget handling limit too can go a long way in keeping children informed, engaged and strengthening interpersonal relationships. However, the establishment of a personal learning ecosystem is perhaps the most beneficial. 

The importance of uniting EdTech in the school curriculum

The biggest challenge that the edtech organizations are facing is the solutions provided by them are not being adopted and used by the users at a large scale because people at large believe that edtech and regular school education are separate entities. The only way out would be to include them in the curriculum which would deliver interactive and personalized learnings to students. 

EdTech through teachers

The notion that teachers can be completely eliminated is the biggest hardship that an edtech organization faces. The schools are willing to incorporate technology but they are marketed as a standalone device in aid to a student’s better learning totally bypassing the importance or need of a teacher. On the contrary, technology is introduced by a teacher is more meaningful. 

Why is EdTech the way ahead?

Most of the students these days opt for personal tuition due to a simple need of personalized attention for better learning. In an AI-enable study lab in schools, the students learn as they practice. Tech-enabled ecosystems keeps progress track, helps identify the problem areas of the learner thereby equipping him with resources to improve upon their skills. 


Source: Times of India