Smartwatches for children can do a lot more than just tell time. One of the reasons parents buy is that they can keep track and monitor their children. In many countries these are being seen as spying devices and violation of privacy rights. Schools also are banning these smartwatches for children and have some good reasons too.  

1 Privacy Concerns

If the manufacturers do not follow the safety protocols, hackers can easily take control of the watch and gain access to personal data. 

2 Safety Issues

Due to the wireless technology that these GPS enabled watches use, the safety of the child is compromised at the hands of the hacker. They can transmit the child’s location.

3 Cause Distraction

Vibrations and beeps from the watch are always a source of distraction for the child as well as the teacher in class

4 Unsuitable Device for Children

Smart watches are delicate devices and require handling with care and this is in contrast to the rough situation of a child in a playground 

5 Inordinately Expensive 

These are expensive devices. Do consider the pros and cons in terms of the money spent before buying one

6 Raises Issues of Inequality

The device does not suit all pockets. Thus, this becomes a status symbol among children giving rise to the feeling of inequality. 

7 Smartwatches can be used to cheat in tests

Access to websites and data through the watch can lead to cheating during exams.

8 Health Concerns

The electromagnetic radiation emitted from the device can potentially lead to cancer although per the FDA scientific research has not linked the device to health problems. It emits low levels of radiofrequency energy (RF) which is not enough to enough to cause cell damage

Source: Tech Edvocate