If you think being a tech-creative is cakewalk, think again!!

When to let go of the digital learning content

Consider the time you’ll need to invest.

Building upon a digital learning content requires lots of quality time whether it is building a slide deck or developing an online course.

Boring content is still boring

At times the lessons will be boring and dull and will remain so as digital content too unless you have the skills or an aptitude to instill very interesting graphics etc to the lackluster content.

How well do you know your standards?

Accurate and measurable digital learning content has to be developed for student evaluation per the standards.

If you choose to go it on your own

There is no doubt that challenges in education can be met by developing customized eLearning materials reflecting the style and personality of the classroom.

Make a plan, and stick to it.

Plan will be the key. identify the learning objectives, choose the digital format, create videos or include gamification and how will the student learning be assessed

Allow for imperfection.

Sneezing during the video or the illustrations less artistic will come across as you being just as human and everyone else.

Finally, keep it simple.

Basic technology like PowerPoint etc incorporated with transitions, hyperlinks and sound bites can be used sparingly to overwhelm the students.

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