The world is undergoing a digital revolution and we need to make our students ready for the future. There is no doubt that a child of today is more tech savvy than our generation. Students can reap the benefits of a technology integrated school as it enhances their chances of employment when they graduate. At a school level itself they would have mastered both hard and soft skills needed for their career advancement. 

Encourage Teamwork

Team players are more sought after in the workforce.  Certain apps and programs involve sharing files and collaborating amongst themselves, thereby giving the children an opportunity to work as a team

Develop Critical Thinking Skills

After team player, critical thinking skill is the next quality that an employer looks for. Students when access tools and resources online also works through various challenging tasks and applies creative problem solving ideas. 

Inculcate Responsibility

It is common at any workplace to provide devices to their employees to work on. Similarly, if certain devices are given to a student with a strict code of conduct from the school, it will inculcate the quality of responsibility in them at a very young age.  

Set the Stage for Life-learning Learning

If you are successful in sparking a student’s curiosity to learn, you will give him the lifelong passion to learn and such a student can never fail in life or in his career. 

Evaluate Students with Online Education Portfolios

Ask the students to make a portfolio in various formats like video, music and art. This will be especially beneficial to those who want to make it to the creative industry. 

Develop Genuine Learning Experiences

Use Social Media, wikis and peer reviews research will help provide a real world learning experience

Help Students Engage with Bosses

Assignments that encourage students to create Linkedin profiles or an online portfolio can give them confidence and experience and can also put them in touch with potential employers. 

Develop Independence and Self-Regulation

Right technology allows students to progress at their own pace, be independent and self-regulating. This is very important as no boss is going to hand hold you all the time. 

Aid in Skill Development and Self-Assessment

Skill development and self-assessment tools can bring forth their strengths and this insight can further help them determine their career path

Develop Digital Literacy

Familiarity with technology in school will make adaptation to it easier at the workplace. Schools must not take it for granted the students are already well versed in technology and hence ignore this important aspect for his overall development.

Source : emergingedtech