Maharashtra Government has time and again made teaching of Marathi compulsory in non-Marathi schools in the state from classes 1 to 4. As per a directive issued by Maharashtra Chief Minister, Deventra Fadnavis, it is mandatory to follow the rule and teach Marathi to the students in Maharashtra regardless of whichever board the school is affiliated with else strict action will be taken against the erring school. This includes CBSE and IB schools as well. Mr Fadnavis further said that he was aware that some schools were not teaching Marathi and that laws would be strictly enforced so that no board is allowed to get away with this. 

Debating the directive Mr Heman Prabhakar Takle said that the government should look beyond teaching the language and take initiatives towards its cultural growth. In one such directive issued in 2009, the government had if the school does not introduce the language as part of the language then it should be taught with the help of songs and poems. 

Source: The Hindu