With the increasing demand in the educational institutions for both parents and students, they are bound to carry academics and student life at equilibrium. Hostels are generally utilized by outstation students or students living in faraway places who invest part of energy going among home and school. When it comes to hostel life, student safety and comfort is predominant for any school. Skolaro- student hostel management software is an important tool to maintain all the records for day scholars or hostellers. The key to assuring the same is good record management and unflawed implementation projects connected with hostel management. It keeps a record of students where they are after educational hours are over and acts as a caretaker so that students can employ non-school times of the day expeditiously providing a sense of surety and ease. An advantageously managed hostel management is substantive as the hostel is another home away from home to students where roommates and fellow mates are their other family members.

attendance management system

With an existing system manual system where dusty ledgers are used to keep records, it’s difficult to manage hostel details as a lot of manpower is required and all tasks are done using paper, which take a lot of time and there is no security for the records. Maintaining vast student records and details are treacherous, pricy, clumsy, and prone to human error but with the launching of Hostel Management Software in ERP, it has become easier for schools to maintain data with full security in the single window only and no overwriting is done for rooms once allotted. As it is a cloud-based system, so updating and processing data is agile and admin can access whole data in-house or away from the primary place with proper security and integrity of data.

The records are easily maintained which reduces paperwork, minimal staff involvement is involved and requires less time to execute tasks. Ours is a robust hostel management system which reduces the manual load inexpensively and covers up all the hostel management duties with quick response mending overall efficiency. As the organization grows, so does the need for more hostels. The administrator can access records of all the existing hostels and have a bird’s eye view on all the ongoing operations and generate automated or dynamic reports to get an overview of the records maintained related to inventory, students, mess, etc. Also, we provide actionable alerts on room allotment, transfer, attendance, fee payments, mess bills, and other information via email, SMS & push notifications.

Benefits for the Management:

  • Student hostel management system facilitates mess management and inventory management.
  • Admin can add and delete hostels as per school requirements.
  • Admin has access to assign rooms, keep track of student, and serve the room change request at the same time.
  • Admin can post hostel fee due status, update fee status and access list of defaulters.
  • Manages the hostel records automatically and proficiently.
  • It allows easy supervision of hostel maintenance.
  • Highly customizable and scalable as per requirement of the school.
  • Automated reports can be generated on a single click of a mouse button