According to annual Student Well-being Census student’ feedback are sincerely considered by the schools to improve their overall welfare. KHDA launched the 5 year census in 2017 in partnership with the Government of South Australia and it was found then that 84% of students were happy most of the time.

Higher Target

The census is computer based and is voluntary and anonymous. This year, so far, around 35000 students have participated as against the target of 100,000 students from grades 6 to 12. The question in the census pertain to their happiness, self-perception, activities and other issues. By early 2019 the report of the results will be sent to the schools with recommendations. It would the school’s prerogative whether they want to share the report with the parents or not. KHDA will also be creating opportunities for principals, teachers and students to discuss well-being.

Power of Choice

Dr Al Karam, Director General – KHDA said that focus on well being will help parents choose the best school for their wards. He also said it is a matter of time when the ‘exams’ will vanish and a a child will not be made to repeat a school year if he could not take exams due to illness.

‘Completely Honest’

The methodology of the census is a boon for students who are shy or not good at communicating their feelings and moreover not face other people’s reactions without anyone judging you. The census apprises the educators of the students honest feelings.