If you’re reading this blog, you’re probably aware that mindfulness has the power to improve one’s quality of life in a variety of ways while also allowing one to be present at the moment. While this workbook will teach you numerous techniques to teach mindfulness to your children, the worksheet will also show you some amazing and engaging mindfulness exercises for children. 

Are you ready, parents and children? Put your phones away, turn off the television, and come in.

1st Mindfulness Activity for Kids: Superhero-themed Mindful Posing 

Bring your child to a quiet spot to do the activity, such as an open terrace, a neighboring garden, or a green balcony. Allow them to try the following poses: 

The Superman: The child should stand with their feet wider than their hips, fists clenched, and arms stretched towards the sky. The goal of stretching is to extend the body as tall as possible. 

The Wonder Woman: The child must stretch as their hands are put on their hips and keep their feet wider than their hips.

Mindfulness Activity For Kids 2: Adventure Safari  

This activity will make your daily walk with the kids fun and mindful. Simply inform your child that you are going on a safari stroll and that they must notice all birds and animals, even the tiniest ones. They will also pick up on a particular odour and remember it. When you go home, ask your child to write: 

  • I noticed……………………………… 
  • I observed…………………. 
  • I caught wind of……………………….. 
  • I had a feeling……

Mindfulness Activity For Kids 3: Creations In Mind  

Acquire your child’s opinion on which ice creation they would want to imagine right now. Is that a reindeer or an igloo? Once you’ve made your decision, have your youngster imagine a specific sculpture and develop it by breathing in and out. Allow them to move gently in their imaginations, as the beauty of sculpture develops with time and patience.

Mindfulness Activity For Kids 4: Body Scanning  

This mindfulness concept is simple to teach your children and instantly makes them aware of their current body energy. 

  • The child lies down on their back on a comfortable area, such as a bed or soft green grass. 
  • Instruct them to squeeze each of their body muscles one at a time, beginning with their legs. 
  • Squeeze your fists, arms, and other muscles as hard as you can. 
  • Do it for a few seconds and relax all of your muscles. 
  • Inquire about their experiences with body scanning and whether it has helped them stay active in the present now.

Mindfulness Activity For Kids 5: Slow Motion Snacking  

Parents may need to make some delectable snacks for their children. However, the children should eat the foods carefully and appreciate the taste. They can also figure out the ingredients by eating slowly and must inform you about them.

Mindfulness Activity For Kids 6: Creating Glitter Jar  

  • Allow your child to design a glass jar or a plastic bottle, whatever they wish. 
  • Fill it with water now. Give glitter and paint colours to your child. 
  • They are free to design the jar or bottle in whatever way they want. Now shake the bottle and display it in your living room as a lovely example of the child’s thoughtfulness.

Mindfulness Activity For Kids 7: Hot Cocoa Breathing  

  • Ask your child to pretend to be holding a steaming cup of cocoa that smells delicious. 
  • Tell them to inhale hot cocoa while counting 1,2,3,4,5. 
  • Now ask them to exhale slowly, as if they were blowing away the hot steam from the cup. 
  • Repeat the process 4–5 times more.

Final Thoughts:

How did you like these kid-friendly mindful practices? In the comments section below, tell us which mindfulness practice your child enjoyed the most.