With life moving in the fast lane for both the parents, at times it may become difficult for either of them to fetch their sick child from school and take him to the doctor. Technology brings the virtual doctor to your rescue. A sick child in school will be assessed via a video conference with a doctor. This remote diagnosis and treatment of patients is called telemedicine. School nurse consults the virtual doctor when a child falls sick. The child is put in front of the screen and the physician examines the child by asking questions and by otoscopes and stethoscopes connected to a computer. Thus the child can get started on prescription medication almost immediately. Through Telemedicine serious mental issues that need psychiatric services can also be diagnosed in time.

Telemedicine may not be effective in certain conditions like  stomach ache that requires physical examination by a physician.

Telemedicine program was introduced by Texas Tech University Health Science Center in 2012.  With schools that have the telemedicine agreement, underserved children too are able to see a doctor. The program, however, in not fully established yet due to lack of funds.

Source: https://www.thetechedvocate.org/schools-are-turning-to-virtual-doctors-for-sick-kids/