Enlisting teacher’s support while adopting and implementing new edtech is something that the school administration generally overlooks. Many a times the teachers may not continue with the tool simply due to lack of instruction on how it works.

Involve Teachers Throughout the Entire Implementation Process:

It is important that the teachers who are the end users should be involved during the entire implementation process. Teachers/faculty should be consulted even during the initial decision making phase. This will make them feel involved and be better prepared when implemented.

Enlist the Support of your Tech Enthusiasts and Trendsetters:

Generally before the launch of any new product or technology a hype for same is created through tech enthusiasts on digital media. Identify such tech enthusiast/trendsetters in your school and let them provide reviews at meetings and by email to create buzz as the implementation process nears.

Allow Outside Trainers to Provide Instruction on Your Campus:

Edtech implementation generally include a set of training sessions conducted by the company trainers. It would be nice if the teachers get to spend some time with the trainer before the session begins to increase the comfort level between them. The company may also provide a short video with their background and personalities as an introduction before the sessions starts

Source: https://www.thetechedvocate.org/three-tips-to-ease-implementation-of-new-edtech/