Along with the pressure of performing well in the boards, the students of class 10 and 12 also face the dilemma of choosing a career path. The young generation today is very much inclined towards challenging, thrilling, unconventional and lucrative choices. Though offbeat, the following career choices may give you great satisfaction, flexible working hours while earning a good pay package. In most cases, you won’t even be required to spend years to become ‘qualified’. Rather 10+2 and a certification in the respective field and your own innate talent will get you going.

Wine Taster /Sommelier

A Sommelier or wine steward in one who is an expert in selecting fine wine based upon their tastes, dining choices, budget and food pairing. It falls under food and beverage department of hospitality and tourism industry.

Tea Taster

You would be required to differentiate between the various flavors of tea to determine its quality


A chocolatier is a person who works passionately in making confectionery for chocolate. A type of a chef that specializes in crafting a wide range of tempting chocolates.


Falling under food and beverage department of hospitality and tourism industry, a Bartender creates and demonstrates cocktails and mock tails using alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages/syrups and much more

Pet Grooming

For those who are immensely fond of animals, pet grooming is an interesting and a rewarding career option.

Fitness Trainer

Aerobics instructor, Clinical exercise specialist, Gym instructor, Personal or Corporate trainers…whatever you may want to call but a Fitness Trainer is a person who looks after the issues concerning the health and physical fitness of his/her clients.


If you love marine life and the idea of spending hours deep inside the ocean gets you excited then it will be worthwhile to try this as a profession.

Creative Writing

If you have a flair to juggle words and explain thoughts/emotions/feelings/imaginative ideas through prose and poetry then this career field promises good returns in writing books, articles, stories etc.

Event Management

For those who have good organisational skills. You will be planning, organising events, conferences and functions for organisations, communities, groups and individuals

Video Jockey

Are you living and breathing music….try this exciting career option.

Radio Jockey

Again for the music lovers, Radio Jockeying too is an exciting, promising and challenging career

Image Consultant

The world is becoming image conscious and that’s where image consultants come in!! They are professional makeover consultants that advise you how to enhance the way you look.

Game Designer

Love to play games….make it your profession and design games!! It is one of the largest segment of the entertainment industry today and flourishing across the world.

Ethical Hacking

There has been an alarming rise in the cyber crime cases and this has increased the demand for an ethical hacker. They break into one’s system legally and ethically. They also identify the weak areas to improve upon internet security.

Wildlife Photography

If you are that deadly combination of being photographer who is fascinated with animals, nature and enjoy travel, then wildlife/nature photography as a profession could be ideal for you.

Adventure Tour Operator

Definitely for those for love adventure and travelling.

Food critic

For this you need to have good taste buds with an ability to pen the taste experience into words

Hair Stylist

A rewarding career in cosmetology and creating new hairstyles

Fashion Choreography

The world of fashion, glamour and creativity awaits those who like to choreograph a catwalk