Search for a good college to seek admission to starts as soon as you clear class 10 and believe me it is quite time consuming and stressful!! Or for that matter schools too. These days everyone is on some social media or the other, so why not use this very platform to your advantage?

Keep Track of Deadlines:

Most institutions have their presence on the digital media and post important information like admission deadlines, activities on campus, online virtual tour etc and are responsive to questions as well.

Learn More About Schools of Interest:

Social Media posts will tell you much more about life on their campus, published reports of students and faculty, performance of sports team etc than their brochure. Keep a track of the hashtags too associated with them to know the opinion of the people outside the official channel. This way you will also be informed of other schools and related topics like financial aid and scholarships

Make Yourself an Attractive Candidate:

These platforms not only give you information but are also useful in making your personal brand online. Untag or delete all the posts that you wouldn’t want a college admission officer to see. Rather use this media to showcase your interest and passions.