Summer vacations – the most awaited break for the students but a headache for the parents!! The gadget addict children would either sit in front of the TV or play online games all day long. With shrinking play areas, security concerns and with both the parents working, keeping the children constructively engaged indoors and away from gadgets could be a task.

Let kids be creative

For children having a creative bent of mind, provide them with all the relevant materials to keep themselves busy. Enrol them in some sports or hobby classes.

Give them responsibilities

Designate some household chores….make them feel responsible. While it may sound mundane but such responsibilities also help in their early development.

Engage in writing activities

Encourage them to write their creative thoughts as a daily journal. They can beautifully decorate it with pictures or with whatever they fancy. Help them unleash their creative boundaries.

Let them participate in volunteer work

Let them get involved into some age appropriate volunteer work like a cleanliness drive or spending a day at an old age home.

Introduce them to fun-filled activity boxes

Activity boxes are fun filled activities that include games, puzzles and books. They are designed in accordance with a child’s developmental milestones that help them in building essential life skills too.

Let the kids enjoy

While perhaps you cannot completely ban your child from watching TV or playing online games you could bring in a gradual cut in their screen time and introduce them to interesting gadget free experiences.