The government of Andhra Pradesh had initially decided to convert all government run schools English and implement english medium till class 10 has now decided to confine it till class 6. According to a review meeting with the education department officials it was decided to introduce english medium in the government schools from classes 1 to 6 and Telugu to continue as a compulsory subject for all classes.

Teacher’s association had protested against forcing English medium on schools, hence the officials were directed to take the necessary steps and introduce English labs to improve students and teachers english in all schools from November 14th and also launch the Nadu-Nedu program. Since the teachers of the government schools are not competent enough to handle english medium classes till class 10, teachers will be trained and introduced to  english medium in a phased manner. Therefore, english medium has been introduced till class 6 as of now. This too has not been fully accepted by the teachers and students. Per the teachers and international agencies, primary education in mother tongue gives best results as those are the foundation years of a child. Per the students association, 70% of the teachers in government schools are capable of handling english medium and namesake training classes in english may not be the solution. 

Source: Times of India