Excerpts of interview of Jessica Lindl, Global Head of one of the world’s most widely used real time 3D platforms by Victor Rivero

What do you think will be the biggest shift or trend in education for 2019?

Learning will no longer happen in the traditional school setting. It will be personalized and anytime, anywhere learning for people of all ages

What has been the biggest advancement in the field of education in the past year?

Technological advances like artificial intelligence, AR/VR, high-speed mobile internet and cloud technology began to take root. Immersive, personalized learning experience in all fields of study are now available to the world.

Do you feel that the educational system is adequately preparing children with the skills they’ll need for the jobs of tomorrow? What progress will we see to close the gap in 2019?

In order to prepare the children to enter workforce we would need teachers who are innovators who are also coaches, guides, mentors and fellow learners and learning is happening anytime, anywhere. Due to lack of adequate school system funding and investment in preparing technologically fluent teachers, the students are not being introduced young enough to relevant technical skills.

What skills are in demand that we’re not teaching yet? What skills do you think will become more in demand in the coming years?

Technical skills with emphasis on continuous learning and re-skilling for all people, if managed wisely and ethically could transform and open up creative opportunities for people to change the world for the better.

Source: https://edtechdigest.com/2018/12/18/imagining-the-future-of-education/