Bengal government would be including ‘good touch’ and ‘bad touch’ courses in school curriculum from the next academic session. This will be done in a phased manner and in collaboration with Confederation of Indian Industries (CII) and Child Relief and You (CRY).  The target age group would be 4 – 12 years. The course will be divided into two parts, one for the students and the other for guardians, teachers and school staff. 

For students the focus would be on understanding their psychology, change in behavior and how to react during physical training session within and outside school. They will be told to shout for help without any hesitation if someone touches them inappropriately. 

The teachers and parents would be asked to look out for signs of a child having been touched improperly, harassed or assaulted and also keep their communication channels open with children. They to be alert if anyone tries to be over friendly with students/children and tries to interact with them alone. 

Source: News 18