As per KPMG and Google report the online education industry is expected to grow 8 folds by 2021 with primary and secondary supplemental education, test preparation, reskilling and online certification, higher education and language and casual learning having great potential for considerable online adoption in India. So much so that it can be a leader in EdTech by the 21st century.

E-learning Boost via Digital India Initiative

Education sector is greatly benefiting with the launch of Digital India initiative by the Government of India. All schools and universities will be connected with broadband and free Wi-Fi. Once the Digital Literacy Program, development of pilot Massive Online Open Courses and the goals of Digital India Initiative are in place, India will definitely be a pioneer in EdTech.

Vast User Base of Mobile Device Use

Firstly India boasts of a vast database of mobile phone subscribers largely being used by youngsters. Moreover, every month more than 10M users are added. Secondly the current user of e-learning mostly consists of school students and working professionals. The mobile education market is increasingly becoming aware of the gap and its potential and it won’t be long before India becomes the leader in EdTech.

Low Cost Alternative to Offline Learning

Large student base and low infrastructural costs makes online courses economical making the EdTech industry a booming sector in India with lots to offer to its stakeholders.