Covid 19 shook everyone out of their comfort zone. Receiving or imparting online education was a path less travelled for many. Let’s remove the shroud from 10 myths about online learning. 

Myth 1: Online-Learning is complex and incomplete

One need not be a tech wiz to take up an online course and completing it in time solely depends on the professionalism for the teacher. Completion of the course is not related to taking classes online or offline.

Myth 2: Online-learning lands up to no learning

The popular belief is that since learners are allowed to learn at their own pace in online courses there is no self-discipline and there is no check on cheating. 

In the online classroom too students have to submit assignments and written tests. To an extent it is not possible to check cheating but submitted assignments can be checked for plagiarism. The flexibility to learn at one’s own pace makes it easier for students to understand the topic completely before moving on to the next one. 

Myth 3: Online learning has unnecessary interruptions

A student with a strong concentration power cannot be distracted and completely focuses on the online lecture. Infact, this could be a better learning environment as they are in their comfort zone with only them and the screen and not surrounded by friends. 

Myth 4: Coping with incompetent teachers

There is absolutely no difference in the competency of an online instructor and the one in a traditional classroom setting. Online instructors are also highly-qualified and have an in-depth knowledge of the subject possessing excellent communication skills. 

Myth 5: Online-learning is high-priced

Contrary to what one might believe, online learning is way cheaper than offline learning. It cuts down on one’s travelling, boarding and lodging costs. Students have multiple options and opportunities to choose the course which best suits their requirements. 

Myth 6: Learners have to self-teach themselves

Online and offline instructors are equally responsible for engaging students and teaching them the subject matter wholly. 

Myth 7: Zero interaction with classmates

Technology facilitates students to remain in touch with their peers and interact with their professors face to face across the globe. 

Myth 8: Learners can’t build a network

The truth is that relationship and network building on online platforms is easier.

Myth 9: Online learning is all about lecture

Online curriculum includes lots of videos and hand-on work too. In some programs instructors assign such projects where the learners will have to apply what they have learned by far and demonstrate their comprehension. It will also reflect how he/she will fare in a real work setting also. 

Myth 10: Online degrees are not valuable

This doubt has been prevailing for a long time in people’s minds especially in education and healthcare industries. Thanks to the pandemic, online and offline learners are now at par. 

Source : edtechreview