If a clause in the draft national education policy by the K Kasturirangan committee regarding the use of ‘Public’ in names of private schools owned by private individuals or institutes is accepted by the Union Government; several schools will have to change their names in the next three years, including some of the prestigious ones.

If accepted, private schools will not be able to use the word ‘public’ in their names in any of communication, document, declaration or status. Public schools will only be those that have been funded publicly i.e. all government and government aided schools.

As per the committee the schools must be not-for-profit entities in accordance with their audited financial statements which must be held to the same disclosure standards as Section 8 companies.

Delhi Public School has opined to coordinate with other stakeholders regarding this draft clause. According to Delhi’s Mother Divine Public School this directive will give clarity to parents as to which schools are government run, government aided or private. They will be aware of the functioning and rules of different schools better.

Universities too should be characterised as Public, Private, Private-aided, multidisciplinary research universities or comprehensive teaching universities.

The committee has also recommended HRD ministry to be redesignated as Ministry of Education (MoE).

Source: Hindustan Times.