As per the Abu Dhabi Department of Education and Knowledge (Adek) all Abu Dhabi nursery schools have to display their licenses at their reception. This assures the parents that they are enrolling their children in a licensed nursery school. The ECE team of Adek makes regular visits to the nurseries to ensure compliance of health and safety measures. As per the new policy the schools will be required to renew their license every year with the renewal process starting at least two months before the license expires.

Adek’s nursery licensing procedures include –

  • Recruiting qualified and licensed principals and staff
  • Compliance with Adek’s occupational health and safety requirements
  • Children at the nursery must be between the age group of 45 days and four years
  • Use of established curriculum
  • Updated medical record of all the children at the nursery clinic
  • All fees must have Adek approval
  • Well defined refund policy in case parents wish to withdraw their children
  • All policies must be accessible to the parents
  • Teachers must develop child’s understanding of concepts and ideas
  • Staff members should be able to manage children’s behaviour
  • Safety and security measures should be followed (CCTV monitoring, fire alarm system, school bus safety, first aid training, etc)
  • Healthy habits must be practised and hygiene should be a priority
  • Periodic pest control
  • regular check of  fire alarm system
  • evacuation plans and emergency exits to be in place
  • school bus safety
  • Provide first aid training to all nursery staff members