Tejas Subramaniam, Bhavya Shah, Manya Gupta, Saranya Ravindran and Prithvi Arun have won the World’s Schools Debating Championship (WSDC) 2019 in Bangkok. This is the first win of this kind for India. This championship is usually dominated by the English Speaking countries like Australia and England.

Tejas Subramaniam was awarded the ‘Best speaker in the world’ title. Bhavya Shah was the sixth-best speaker and Manya Gupta was ranked as the 14th. The team had defeated Canada in the final, proposing the motion “This house regrets the glorification of soldiers as heroes”. All the nine judges had unanimously voted for India. No country has achieved this feat in the last decade. In another first, Bhavya Shah became the first visually impaired speaker to debate in a WSDC final and made it to the top 10 speakers

Source: The New Indian Express