In this digital era technology has become unavoidable even in a student’s life. Identity cum access cards are used to enter a classroom, Ipad is part of the school bag, parents have live footage of CCTV cameras, assignments and submissions shared via a platform that connects teachers and students and the performance of their wards can be tracked anytime by the parents.

One of the advantages of using gadget in school is that the screen time here in constantly monitored unlike at home. Curriculums are designed to included learning time both on and off iPads. During an English class reading a book is never replaced with an iPad but it can be used to make other subject classes more interactive and fun. Some tech enabled schools make sure the students submit a hard copy too of their homework. Schools are conscious of the fact that CCTV cameras installed are for the safety of the students and not to intrude their privacy and computers aid in enhancing the teaching-learning process and is not a replacement of a teacher. AR and VR technology assisted field trips can transport a student anywhere in the world.

Where has tech infiltrated the most?

Security-Entry into most of the areas of the school premises is accessible only through GPS tracking or RFID enabled ID cards

Homework-Projects are no longer handwritten but typed and sent

Monitoring-CCTV cameras are constantly watching over the children

The Textbook-A tablet is the only textbook for all learning

Blackboard-Smart Boards have replaced the blackboards. Mouse, keyboard, touchscreens have replaced the chalk.

We cannot shun technology from their lives but what we can do is have some checks and balances and plan interesting activities to keep them away from mobile and laptop screens. In residential schools the students are taken out for stargazing using powerful telescopes. This can also spark their interest in our cosmos. Schools also put up a firewall to block their access to social media sites encouraging human contact instead.

When Tech Comes To Security’s Aid

RFID readers record attendance the moment the student steps into and gets off the school bus. Parents too get a notification for same and can also track the bus from their mobile phone. The guards at the school gates are equipped with tablets which generates an OTP on the mobile of each visitor before he is granted access inside the school premises.

Drawing The Line

Integration of tech into curricula is inevitable but striking a balance is the key and this is what is going to make learning a lot more fun for students. The data will help teachers cater much better to specific student needs. Digital communication helps save lot of paper and time. Some parents are of the opinion that the government should research on the ill-effects of the screen time and lay guidelines so that the parents are not bullied into agreeing with schools for something that can harm the children.