If, and only IF, the National Education Policy draft is approved, admissions to undergraduate courses in government funded universities and colleges will be through an all India entrance exam. The system would be similar to SAT-a standard aptitude test used in the U.S. for admissions to colleges and universities. SAT is apart from the criterion alongside school grades.

In India, common entrance test is largely conducted for professional or for post-graduate courses  by the National Testing Agency (NTA) and it could conduct for admission to all undergraduate programmes if the draft national education policy is accepted. This also indicates that the NTA assessment could replace class 12 marks as an admission criteria to government funded institutions. From 2020 NTA could administer aptitude tests and in specific subjects to assess knowledge,  understanding of essential concepts and higher order skills which can be taken per your convenience in order to reduce the intense stress and pressure of class 12 boards. NTA could establish test centres across the country. The test could be computer based though it is not clear whether it would be multiple choice only.

Private institutions can set their own benchmarks.

Source: The Hindu