Students clearing class 12 from state board as compared to CBSE find themselves at a loss while seeking admission in prestigious universities which grant admission solely on the basis of board results. This is because the marking system is highly variable.

CBSE Tampering Marks Tilts Balance Further

Despite the public assurance from the central government and CBSE, the national  board tampers with students marks thus aggravating the feeling of unfairness amongst the students of the state board.

Unfair at First Go

Admission in DU is solely based on the Board marks. There is no boardwise rationalisation as well. Based on cut offs, it is possible that a huge number of students from other state board can dominate the DU admissions.

Worsened by Marks Tampering

There is no rationalisation of marks. Boards at times unfairly increase students marks to show high scoring results. Consequently the admission process itself is imbalanced. If all boards were to follow suit the marking system would create further inequalities in the process for college admissions.

Percentiles Not Available

The results are not declared in percentiles hence comparing the marks of students of one board to another is difficult. Therefore, the universities before granting admissions cannot rationalize the marks. This is the reason why high scoring boards like CBSE, ISC and Tamil Nadu are at an advantage.

The Possible Solutions-

  • Declare Results as Percentiles
  • Entrance Examination by Universities
  • Enforce the ‘No Moderation’ policy assured by the central government

Source: The quint