The need to have inclusive classrooms has now caught the attention of the CBSE policymakers. The board will be drawing a comprehensive policy for children with special needs. Unlike in several advanced countries, the teachers and the students in India are not aware and understanding towards children with disabilities like dyslexia, dysgraphia or other physical/mental disorders. 

As per CBSE official, a committee of experts under Sudha Acharya, Principal of Delhi’s ITL School will prepare a draft plan for classrooms inclusive of such students. The gravity of the issue became evident to CBSE after class 10 and 12 boards over the last few years. CBSE has brought out guidelines for exemptions and concessions to children with special needs. In consultation with leading medical experts the boards is working towards dealing with the issue. Due to scarcity of educators, school teachers will be sensitized towards their needs and effective management. 

The experts opined that the curriculum and teaching should be modified to include such students who can be as bright as anyone. A policy is required which addresses development disorder and behavioural problems by providing counselling and remedial teaching. 

Source: Hindustan Times