You might have heard of the phrase living in a bubble and we all live in our bubbles. Despite that, we all are sharing this techno-bubble that has been getting bigger and bigger this past few years. If you have a problem, chances are technology will have a solution for it. With the Ed-Tech sector booming, especially post-pandemic, you might wonder – What am I missing out on? Do I really need to invest in school management software?

This depends on several factors, so you could start with these questions. How many students do you have? What does your school infrastructure look like? Do you have enough budget for it? Are you mentally ready for the shift? Of course, you will look at other aspects as well. So, coming back to the original question, let’s look at some reasons why you need to invest in school management software.


A school management software is a fix-it-tool for specific problems you might have on the management side of things. The first thing you need to do is start identifying your key problem areas. Is your school facing fee collecting issues? Is there any withdrawal mismanagement? Are parents not happy with the current progress report process? Once you start making a list of these, you will be able to tell if it’s time to make the jump and switch to school management software.


Teachers have the ultimate responsibility for teaching the child but they’re not the only ones responsible. Parents are the very first and life-long teachers of a child. Whether it’s homework, exams or class tests, parents have to be in touch with every detail of the child’s syllabus and other ongoings. ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) was made for not only teachers and students but also for parents. They can have access to their child’s attendance, results and other information regarding their learning and progress. This way you can have enough support from a well-informed parent and your school performance will naturally get better.


Whenever schools consider anything new that requires some investment, it’s natural to worry about the cost. However, the surprising truth is that cloud-based school management software is actually cheaper than traditional systems. Some of the basic things that you need for an ERP are already present in most schools; a high-speed internet connection and a computer/laptop. The only other thing you will need to invest in is the license for the software which you can start or stop anytime you want. You can consider cutting down on annual expenditure in exchange for plenty of advantages from an online system


Admission processes are the life and blood behind a school’s sustenance. Staff’s salary, their leaves, attendance, students’ fee management, transportation, etc. are the pillars that hold up a school. If you are facing any issues in these, then it would be smart to invest. A school is as strong as its administration system. This heavily contributes to an optimum learning environment for the student. You can customise the software to your needs. A lot of Ed-Tech start-ups offer such software as well.

If we have learned anything from Covid-19, it’s to be prepared for the future. So, let your students make the most of their schooling experience by investing in school management software.