The CBSE affiliated schools will be encouraging students to participate in a national assessment program to test their scientific temperament and aptitude. The assessment is a part of KAMP (Knowledge and Awareness Mapping Platform) developed by the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research, Council of Scientific and Industrial Research-National Institute of Science, Technology and Development Studies. 

This is attempted to identify and promote and nurture gifted students from classes 5 to 12 in science, technology and humanities. Catching them young can make India Global Leader in the field of Science, Technology and Humanities. Launched in April this year, the students will be assessed on the basis of the algorithm and design developed by the department. 

KAMP-NASTA is open for students of classes 5 to10 of all boards. Interested schools have to enrol on KAMP website and each participating student will have to pay Rs 400.00. Syllabus and scheme is available online on KAMP-NASTA website and results will also be published online. National level, state level and district level awards will also be announced. 

Source: NDTV