The technology wave has already arrived at today’s school, revolutionizing the teachers and students- teaching and learning experience. 

Mobile, laptops, iPad, and email have now become every student’s go-to frontlines; you can’t imagine a child growing up without having Internet knowledge. These are the time when kids of a young age are developing apps, educating their classmates, and explaining them the concepts of science and maths. Literally, technology has boomed the education industry. 

Utilizing educational software for learning is rewarding for educators and empowering for students. Let’s face it-our world is changing. It’s the time to learn, adapt, and embrace teaching with an education management information system!

Teaching with Technology: Learning Management System

The educational software for learning is thought-provoking. Also helpful for educators that they won’t lose sight of the goal for student learning. This advancement of technology hasn’t stopped here. Since Podcast teaching has come to the attention, the students seem to be more enthusiastic about learning and grasping things a way faster. 

What is Podcast teaching?

A podcast is a digital media that is distributed over the internet. Podcasts began as just audio files, but now one can find podcasts as a combination of media, which means audio with video. 

So suppose if there is a tough physics chapter that you want to teach your kids. What you can do is take the graphics from the internet, make a video and record a podcast depicting the process step by step, and circulating it among the students. 

Through school management software, you can upload this video in your class, and whenever the students want to visit it, they can open the educational software and learn from it. To be honest, this is going to be one of the finest ways to teaching students.  

Following the same pattern. You can record multiple types of videos, engaging kids in the classroom, and more importantly, they get to learn a comprehensive understanding of the practical aspects than the theory. 

Such Podcast teaching is fun and gives better results and performance compared to the conventional way of teaching. 

Many educators are coming up with new thoughts and unique ideas every day on providing interactive classroom solutions and educational technology solutions, as this is the next big thing to hit the education sector.

How to start your first Podcast lesson?

If you are a beginner, who is looking for the key points to make their first teaching session with the podcast, there are few things you need to know:

Some ideas to begin podcasting: 

  • Reading and recording writing pieces
  • Share advice on various current topics
  • Students get a new way to do homework
  • Responses to a piece of literature
  • Share class newsletters in an audio format with different groups 
  • Reporting of learned concepts about any subject of study
  • Podcast about school concerts

Besides being great fun and an excellent way to understand a concept, podcasting with your students will encourage them to read fluently when they know that the world will hear their voice.