To keep pace with this ever changing technology, knowledge skills and expertise are a must for maintaining our economic growth momentum. Various initiatives have been undertaken to ensure educational institutions are accessible to everyone in the country and emphasis will have to be made on lifelong learning in our methodology of teaching. A school premises with facilities of interest to the students and teachers passionate about teaching, pedagogy that discourages rote learning will make certain that students stay enrolled.

Three measures that can enable the right ecosystem needed for imparting quality education:

1. Maintained Infrastructure:

A good, spacious and well maintained school building with required infrastructure like furniture, clean hygienic toilets, accessible drinking water, designated activity and play areas, functional laboratories and computers will make students look forward to attending school.

2. Quality of Teaching and Teachers:

Teacher and his way of teaching is directly responsible for a student’s developing a like or dislike for a particular subject. Due attention should be paid to imparting training in modern teaching aids, tools and methodologies integrated with technology so that more and more people get interested in taking up teaching as a vocation.

3. Extra-Curricular Activities:

Facilities and avenues for cultural events go long way in building a student’s life skills and personality and also keep the interest in attending school intact.

Annual Status of Education Report 2017:

According to educational report 2017 although the number of students attending school has increased but they lack fundamental skills and about 25% of them could not even read the basic text in their local language fluently.

Need of the Hour: Addressing Gaps in Indian education.

There is an urgent need to revamp our education system in tandem to the inspirational needs of the new generation as people who can afford prefer to enroll their children in private schools. The learning ecosystem has to be made available to each and every in the entire country. Developing of a appropriate pedagogy to enhance the interest in learning in children thereby establishing a student teacher connect. Regular assessments and review for a timely undertaking of any remedial measure. A recent initiative of having smart classrooms in public schools should be able to address the need of an enabling ecosystem in education.