14th November every year is celebrated as Children’s Day to commemorate the birthday of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, our first Prime Minister of Independent India. On this day schools organize various programs and activities for their students. Some suggestions for the teachers to make this day a fun filled and memorable for them –

Switch the Roles:

How about giving the rein to the students for one day….switch roles….give them a free hand to create, invent and teach. You will be surprised with the outcome.

Organize a Potluck:

Coordinate with children to organize a potluck so that no student ends up doing more work and not much food is wasted. This would enable them to mingle with students other than their friend circle and the whole class enjoys a meal together.

Outdoor Picnic:

Despite the invasion of the virtual world in the lives of the children, the idea of an outdoor picnic is always welcomed with great enthusiasm and excitement. So arrange for snacks, plan some outdoor games and take them to a location which is not too far.

Decorate the Classroom:

Give them a free hand to choose a theme and decorate their classroom. Just make sure that every child is participating in some way or the other as this way they will also learn the values of working in a group.

Talent Show:

Encourage the children to look beyond just performing arts and participate. Be it sharing your stamp collection or telling stories of your vacations. Add a twist-no prizes but the audience to write a thank you note for the performances they liked. You will be surprised to discover all the hidden talent that will surface.