A draft version of the undated syllabus for pre-schooler released by Tamil Nadu State Council of Education Research and Training (TNSCERT) states that the school timings for pre-KG students to extend till 4PM from 12.30 PM. Some parents especially from nuclear families with both parents working are in support of the decision because they feel that it is better than sending them to the daycare centres as here they would get to mingle with kids of their own age group. The academics and psychologists are divided on its impact on the students.

According to the Deputy Director of the project, safety of the children of such families after 1PM drove TNSCERT to this change in timings. He also said that post-lunch session of the children of the pre-school will consist of just Nap, play and music and dance which will keep them active. A clinical psychologist too opined that the children would learn communication skills, have more social and peer interaction and reduce boredom in school.

On the other hand, concerns have been raised over this affecting the bonding between the child and its parents because the psychological separation for such a long time from his parents for a 2.5 years old can possibly result into some serious learning and emotional issues later in life.

This will come into effect for all play schools in the state from the academic year 2019-20. The draft syllabus is available in TNSCERT website and open to feedback till October 20, 2018.

Source: https://www.thenewsminute.com/article/draft-syllabus-adds-35-hours-tn-pre-kg-school-timings-stakeholders-divided-89895