With the constantly evolving technology the younger generation is quick to adapt to the change, it’s the little older generation which struggles with it and learning to use technology in the classroom can be quite a task for the teachers sometimes. Following are the five most common errors the educators make with technology.

Paper Notices Instead of Emails
In the fast paced life these days information too has to be available right at your fingertips. For this you need to effectively switch over to emailing the notices etc or sharing them on cloud instead of sending paper notes to parents.

Forgetting Students Who Don’t Have Computer Access at Home
We must not forget that there may still be some students who do not have a computer and/or internet connection at home. You need to provide them appropriate time to complete classwork during school hours to negate the need for a computer at home.

Treating School Computers Like Personal Property
Your activities on the computer in school are monitored by the authorities. Teachers found guilty of using it for personal activities like checking social media accounts, emails etc during their off hours can lead to action being taken against them. With a personal notification popping up on their screen every now then sets a negative example on the students.

Forgetting to Back Up Data
One of the most common mistake you make is not taking a back up. Hours of meticulously working on creating content and lesson plans can lost in a computer crash. So remember to take a back up or store in a cloud or on a portable hard drive.

Giving Students Too Much Freedom
Continue monitoring your class and do not blindly depend on filters and blocks that the school puts on. The tech savvy students and the mischief mongers of the class can find a way around them.

Source: https://www.thetechedvocate.org/5-mistakes-that-teachers-make-with-technology/