The Texas Board of Education will take a final vote in November towards removing Hillary Clinton and Helen Keller from the social studies curriculum for grades K-12. The recommendations made by board-nominated panel of volunteers too will be taken into consideration by the board. According to Dallas Morning News, the 15-member work group Keller scored a 7 and Hillary Clinton a 5 in their rubric.

The Texas Board of Education is often surrounded by controversies. Review of 43 proposed history, geography and government textbooks revealed many inaccuracies, biases and exaggeration in 2014. There was another controversy in 2010 over a bid by conservatives to label the grotesque American slave trade by ‘American triangular trade’. The replacement of Thomas Jefferson with John Calvin, capitalism to be referred as “free enterprise system” were among other controversies. Since hard-line conservatives have a strong presence on the Board such curriculum controversies keep cropping up.