Co-curricular activities are an integral part of school life of a child. It helps them to grow individually, socially and mentally. It also can unleash the hidden talent within them. They give a boost to their overall development when in harmony with academics. Co-curricular activities, be it in sports, debates, singing, dancing, drawing etc have garnered wide support as they cater to cultural, social and aesthetic development of the child. These activities aid honesty, lucidity in dialect, coordination, impromptu expression within the same age groups at different levels.

Overall Personality Enhancement

While the credit to the intellectual part of the personality of a person can be attributed to academics its the co-curricular activities that plays an important role in character building and their ability to deal with varied situations in life.

Building Confidence

It instills confidence, sportsmanship, self-assurance and team spirit.

Developing Special Skills

It sharpens the mind and helps develop special skill and talent and the competitive environment makes them work meticulously.

Better Academic Results

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy!! Children pursuing hobbies generally achieve better results academically, learn importance of time management and work-life balance

Sense of Responsibility

It makes them responsible and accountable. Working in groups teaches them management skills.