According to a report in 2017 by Dell Technologies, 85% of IT job vacancies by 2030 will be of those that have not even been invented yet!! That’s the pace at which technology is advancing. Schools should make sure that a student’s social and emotional learning (SEL) too is nurtured along with introducing him to the new technologies.

Employers these days are seeking out workforce which is not only professionally and technically sound but is also a team player, has critical thinking capabilities and possess good communication skills along with is able to manage emotions and is compassionate.

Digital integration with tools like game-based learning and wearable devices is good way to test the SEL. For example, a student’s stress levels and other psychological indications can be tracked by smart watches.  Google classroom opens communication channels between the classroom and the teacher. Adapting to the new jobs created will be more painless later in life if students are already familiar with such soft skill.