The Daily Mile is a global initiative that aims to boost physical, social, emotional and mental health of children of all ages either by walking, running or jogging for 15 minutes at their own pace. Nursery and primary students of UAE are being encouraged to be part of this fitness movement. This was implemented in only six schools in Dubai during the Dubai fitness challenge month but the Ministry of Education UAE would be introducing it as a test pilot into one of their cycle one schools in Abu Dhabi.

Brendon Fulton, the principal of the Dubai British School is of the opinion that the children can  take part in The Daily Mile run every morning along with a wakeup-shakeup session. In this one can do aerobics, pilates, stretching and yoga before school to keep themselves mentally and physically active throughout the day. It has been observed that children are more enthusiastic and involved in the classroom after a fitness session. Therefore, physical health is as important as mental health and academics.

After visiting a school daily during the first week of the Dubai Fitness Challenge, Dr Karam said, in its appreciation, that the Daily Mile would go a long way in developing a exercising habit amongst children and their parents, whether they are in school or outside, and that it was a good movement for the schools to take on.