Digital IQ suggests how effectively an organisation is utilizing its technological resources. Teachers should work towards raising their digital IQ. Some suggestions for the educators to raise their digital IQ –

Create a Roadmap

Technology is ever evolving. So the schools need to plan for the future and create a roadmap showing long-term goals of technology in classroom. There is a possibility that the teachers may be motivated to seek additional training to prepare themselves of the change. The institutes too can organize professional development days and workshops for teachers to improve their digital IQ.

Research New Products

To keep pace with rapid innovations it is advisable for the educators to keep engaging in active research to improve their digital fluency and also find the best products for their students alongside.

Understand Data Analytics

In the digital world almost everything can be tracked, only you should be able to understand the data analytics. With data literacy the teachers could reach out to students more effectively, identify behavioral problems etc and extend timely help.