February/March is when most board exams, be it CBSE or ICSE, are held. This is very stressful time for the students especially for class 12 as they would simultaneously preparing for JEE main exams and pre-boards assesses their preparedness for the final boards exams and equally important although their marks do not count.

Mr Rajshekhar Ratrey, VP educational content, Toppr shares a two month preparation strategy for pre-boards

2 Months Before Pre-Board Exam

Prioritize well

Focus on picking up those important chapters and portions that you are weak in. Make notes of lengthy of chapters for quick revisions later. Divide time to prepare subject wise and complete science and maths first. Study the easy ones in-between the difficult ones or when you are almost through with your portion.

Get your doubts cleared

The more you study the more doubts you will have and the sooner you have them cleared the better.


Practice will make you perfect. Make practice notebooks for each subject. Make a note on it where you went wrong….revisit those notes….keep going back and forth and take another crack at practicing some new problems.

Juggle your competitive exam with your boards

Keeping pace with both preparations will be difficult and stressful. Give little more importance to board exams but do earmark some time for preparing for the competitive exams too.

1 Month before Pre-Board exam

Revise what you’re not confident about

With just one month in hand before your pre-boards, now just concentrate on revision. The concepts that you had just read through earlier now need to prioritized and learned.

Take tests on topics that you know well

Again practice the chapters you are confident about, take part tests of every chapter and re-revise where you went wrong. Once you are done with your portion, take a full test. Try solving previous years papers. This will give you an idea of the paper pattern and you can plan strategies too for solving them.

Don’t worry about finishing 100% of your portion

Do not be overly concerned if you have not thoroughly revised full portion. Complete 80% and cover the important portions of every chapter. After the pre-boards prepare the left out syllabus

Pre-boards are very important to help you identify your weak areas while there is still time to prepare before the D day.

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