Digital learning offers vast opportunities. Personalized learning is the most significant of all. Digital edtech tools makes targeted instructional materials to each student feasible for the teachers. For example, LMS system aids in organization, data analytics with assessing student performance.

Collaborative learning boosts students engagement and learning. Tools like coggle is platform where students can brainstorm, research, organize and present what they have learnt.

However, digital tools too have their share of challenges. They at times do not deliver as promised. Their life cycle is extremely short and  research is unable to keep pace with it. It is a growing market with vast potential. So it also has many purveyors that are not well-intended.

At the same time, digital tools are not without their challenges. The sad truth is that the research shows that edtech sometimes does not deliver on its promises. One problem is that the life cycle of digital tools is so short that it is nearly impossible for the research to keep up.

The second problem is that there is a lot of money to be made in ed tech, which means that the field is crowded with purveyors who may not be well-intention ed.

At times teachers too are not equipped to carefully examine the viability of the product.

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